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In spite of wise investments and proper savings, there are times in life where you will need additional sums of money. Taking a loan is the most lucrative and popular option to overcome a difficult, financial situation. You can find several loan providers offering loans in attractive terms around your area, or you can search around other regions as well as search the internet to find the best option for you. In order to get out of the challenging situation, you need to ensure that you are getting the loan in the best terms and from the best lenders. Pep Loans is a leading name and popular choice of finding a suitable loan provider to fit your needs in South Africa.

Pep Loans is the ideal destination of numerous loan seekers that are blacklisted or come with very poor credit score. We have access to all the money lenders in South Africa and we know which brokers or agents can offer you the best loans for your specific situation. We do not make any profit from the brokers, agents or institutions we direct you to, however we do charge a once off fee of R295 for our services. This amount is payable on your next pay day.


To receive a loan you need to be younger than 64 years and possess a South African green bar coded ID. We find loan providers who offer loans at an attractive interest rate, to encourage consumers paying the loan back within the stipulated time. Although, we direct loans to persons with poor credit score, we do not encourage people to have a poor credit score and we offer them the incredible opportunity to improve their financial condition and credit score.

Although we have a friendly team of experts, we follow rules and regulation strictly. In terms of long term association with our consumers, if we ever find any violation of rules and regulations we possess the right to terminate the contract. If there is any change on serious and major issues, you need to inform the lenders immediately so that they can change the record accordingly. 


We understand the urgency and requirement of our clients. For this reason, we may even offer more than one loan at the same time to the borrowers. However, to apply for the second loan, you need to pay the first installment of the loan that will offer you the scope of getting the second loan. If you have a bad credit score on payment of such loans, this will improve your credit score and help get a better credit score. 

We discuss the loan terms and other information regarding the loan in details so that intended borrowers can get the clear picture of the entire loan terms. On our terms and conditions page, we discuss the renewal policy, code of practice or policy on responsible lending, implications of late & none Payments and default administration costs in detail. Borrowers can therefore verify the conditions before applying for a loan.

Experts of Pep Loans are eagerly interested in offering scope to their consumers to improve their credit score so that they can boost up their status of getting larger loans without any hassle. We offer valuable suggestions that should be acknowledged and strictly adhered to improve your credit score.