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We Provide:

• Small loans (up to R15 000)

Easier To Obtain but Higher Interest Rates

• Large loans (up to R1 000 000)

Harder To Obtain but Lower Interest Rates

• Short term loans (up to 6 months)

Easier To Obtain but Higher Interest Rates

• Long term loans (up to 60 months)

Harder To Obtain but Lower Interest Rates

• Consolidation Loans (Reduce overall payments by paying ONE loan, & which could include a cash pay-out too)

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About Us

Are you South African citizen struggling to get a loan ? Then don’t worry as we provide smart, loan solutions! You can find suitable and affordable loan services even if you are blacklisted or have bad credit history. Pep Loans is the place where you will find reliable solutions to meet your immediate cash needs. You may be looking for a personal loan or consolidation loan; we can help you find out the best deal that suits your requirements. At Pep Loans, you will find the best and most reliable solutions for all kinds of your urgent credit issues. We are based in Johannesburg, but our services are available throughout South Africa. 

You need to meet our criteria in order to find the best cash loans, If you do not meet the listed criteria below, unfortunately we cannot assist you in any way. Pep Loans takes care of all the hassles and headaches as you don’t need to run around the city to find the best deal for your urgent cash needs. We deal with all banking institutions-major and smaller banks, if we cannot find you a suitable lender, then surely no one can. Since your credit score has been affected, it is vital you apply with the right and most reliable money lender.

Bad credit and blacklisted issues are not considered when the borrower is under debt counseling, administration, liquidation, etc. You can apply with Pep Loans only if you do not belong to the above cases. Personal loans given to people with bad credit are provided on high interest rates. It depends on borrower’s credit record. Blacklisted and bad credit record persons are considered as high risk customers and will charge high interest for them.


Lending Criteria


Lending criteria at Pep Loans include;

• You are in good hands even if you are blacklisted.

• You must be a South African citizen with green bar ID.

• Your age should not be above 64.

• Your income must be R3000 and more per month.

• Your working experience with the current employer should not be less than 6 months.

• You must be receiving salary into your bank account, it can be a joint account in your name.

• Your bank must be FNB or ABSA or NEDBANK or CAPITEC or Standard Bank.

• You are restricted to apply if you have bank accounts like Stdent, Mzansi, Sum 1, Money Builder and other accounts that cannot be debited.

• If you are not capable to take more debt, then you cannot apply for loans at Pep Loans. You need to have saving after meeting your expenses to repay the necessary loan amount.

• If you are a temporary worker, self employed, domestic worker or only have commission amount, then you cannot apply for loans.

• The above criteria are just a basic guideline that does not give guarantee of loans. Criteria for loan lending changes for personal and consolidation loans. Find out more information on loans.

For more about Pep Loans, please do not hesitate to contact us on 072 380 8196!